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The Daily Beast ranks Noble among the Top Change-Making High Schools in the nation!

Noble Efforts Change Lives.


Spaces are available for students looking to transfer into Baker for 9th or 10th grade - call 773.535.6460 for more information about enrollment.

To apply for the 9th grade for the 2015-16 school year, please bring your 8th grader to one of our upcoming Admissions Information Sessions:

Wednesday, February 25 (5:30 pm)

We look forward to seeing you!



Welcome to Baker College Prep!  We are a campus of the Noble Network of Charter Schools, the highest performing network of open enrollment high schools in the City of Chicago.

At Baker College Prep, we provide rigorous, college preparatory classes that enable students to graduate from our nation’s top ranked universities and colleges, and thereby strengthen the communities from which they come.

Our students follow The Bobcat Way:

I feel that the staff at Baker recognizes and celebrates my hard work and my individual strengths.
I have role models at Baker who care about me and support me.
I am proud of my school and my community.

I believe that I am college-bound.
I view adverse events and situations as challenges that help me grow and can be overcome by my efforts.
I know that the staff at Baker believes in me and won't let me give up.

I set ambitious goals for myself and work hard towards those goals every day so I will graduate from college.
I believe that my talents and intelligence can be developed through dedication and hard work.
I put significant time and effort into developing myself to be an agent of positive multi-generational change.

I am held to a high standard for my character and discipline equitably by all staff members and my peers.
I understand why I am held accountable for my discipline and character development.
I know what it means to follow the student code of conduct, and I adhere to it even when no one is watching.

Staff and students uphold a school culture that promotes teamwork, accountability and discipline, critical thinking and problem-solving, and doing what is necessary to become civic-minded college graduates who will make a positive multi-generational change.

To learn more about Baker College Prep as a prospective scholar, parent, or employee, please navigate our website and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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