Baker Uniform

The uniform at Baker College Prep helps to create an environment of discipline, professionalism, and focus for our students.  Students are expected to be in full uniform every single day, unless otherwise directed.  The uniform is a student's ticket to class, so students will earn demerits and can be held from class if the uniform expectation is not met.

Daily Uniform Items:

  • Baker Polo (must be tucked into pants; sold only at Baker main office)
  • Khaki Pants (cannot be denim material, no more than 2 front pockets and 2 back pockets, no skinny pants, no cargo pockets, must have belt loops; not sold at Baker)
  • Black Belt (no logos/designs/studs, no excessive holes, should be leather material; not sold at Baker)
  • Black Dress Shoes (no gym shoes, boots or mocassins, must be of leather or leather-like material, must be all black, no heels over 2 inches)
  • Baker Sweatshirt (can be worn over the polo; sold only at Baker main office)
  • Baker ID & Lanyard (must be worn around neck; provided to students but replacements must be purchased in main office)

Gym Uniform Items:

  • Baker Gym T-Shirt (worn only during PE classes; sold only at Baker main office)
  • Baker Gym Shorts or Sweatpants (worn only during PE classes; sold only at Baker main office)
  • Gym Shoes and Socks (worn only during PE classes, no specific type required; not sold at Baker)

Uniform Pricing (2014-15 School Year):

  • Polo (navy for freshmen & sophomores, gray for juniors, light blue for seniors): $21.00
  • Sweatshirt: $20.00
  • Gym T-Shirt: $7.00
  • Gym Shorts: $10.00
  • Gym Sweatpants: $15.00
  • Replacement Baker ID Card: $5.00
  • Baker Winter Hats (only for use outside of school): $15.00