Expectations of Students

To ensure that Baker College Prep students are prepared to graduate from college as well-rounded, civics-minded leaders, we ask that students give their best and make the harder choice every day at school.  We expect every student to do the following:

Arrive to school and all classes on time with all required material.


    Sit up straight

    Maintain eye contact

    Articulate your thoughts

    Respond appropriately

    Track your teacher

Dress in full uniform at all times while in the school building

Complete homework daily and turn it in on time

Exhibit self-control and discipline in and out of school

Participate in before-school and after-school Office Hours as needed

Take full responsibility for actions and accept the consequences

Participate in community service activities

Work on being fit and living a healthy lifestyle

Treat faculty, staff, and other students with respect


To view our promotion guidelines, please click below.

Promotion Guidelines

Please reference the Student/Parent Handbook for more specific guidelines.