Extracurricular Activities


At Baker College Prep, we expect that students who choose to enroll want a well-rounded education that includes academics, extracurricular activities, and community service.  Enrichment classes, such as sports, Hip Hop Dance, Student Council, and Photography Club are offered throughout the year.  These enrichment activities provide students the opportunity to become involved, to interact with fellow students, and to develop their skills and leadership.

Promotion Requirement:
To graduate, students must earn a minimum of one enrichment credit (equivalent to 100 hours of enrichment) taken outside the regular school schedule.  A minimum of 25 hours of involvement is needed to earn credit for an enrichment class.

  • To be promoted to a sophomore: 0.25 total enrichment credit
  • To be promoted to a junior: 0.50 total enrichment credit
  • To be promoted to a senior: 0.75 total enrichment credit
  • To graduate: 1.0 total enrichment credits

Enrichment can be completed outside of school as well if a student is unable to participate in classes offered at BCP.

Goals for Enrichment:

  • Provide a variety of unique, educational classes for students to participate in after school.
  • Communicate the importance of extracurricular involvement to students. When they apply to college, their extracurricular involvement will be a significant component of their application.
  • Build an understanding that participation in enrichment classes is a great way to learn new things, cultivate a passion, and develop leadership and teamwork.
  • Instill the value of commitment by ensuring that participation remains consistent throughout the semester.


Students at Baker College Prep are provided the opportunity to earn enrichment credit through their participation on various sports teams offered throughout the year.  They have the chance to demonstrate their competitive spirit and Bobcat pride and meet personal and team goals. Students are required to meet academic and behavioral guidelines in order to remain eligible to play on a sports team.  Student athletes are expected to follow the Bobcat way and consistently demonstrate optimism, grit, joy, and integrity while participating in their sport.

Sports Offered at BCP :
Fall: Boys Football, Boys Soccer, Girls and Boys Cross Country, Girls Volleyball, Cheerleading
Winter: Girls and Boys Basketball, Cheerleading
Spring: Girls Softball, Girls and Boys Track

Follow the link to access forms needed for enrichment like the sports physical form and the outside enrichment approval form.