Summer of a Lifetime

About Summer of a Lifetime
Summer of a Lifetime was started by Mr. and Mrs. Milkie to provide scholarships to Noble Network students to attend summer college programs during the summer between their sophomore and junior year.  The goal of the program is for students to have a college experience early in their high school careers, which will impact how they view themselves academically and influence their desire to succeed in high school so that they may successfully enroll in college.  

Last summer, Baker College Prep sent students to the following colleges/universities:

Brown University
George Washington University
Harvard University
Indiana University
Johns Hopkins University
Loyola University Chicago
Penn State University
Spelman College
Stanford University
Syracuse University
Trinity Christian College
University of Dayton
University of Maryland
University of Notre Dame
University of Texas at Austin
University of Wisconsin at Platteville
Washington University in St. Louis

2016-17 Summer of a Lifetime Application
Nominated Students Only: Please click here to complete your Summer of a Lifetime Application.  Please log into your Baker College Prep email account prior to submitting the application.  

The application deadline is Tuesday, November 24th at 5:00 PM.  Students who submit their applications after the deadline will automatically be waitlisted for a Summer of a Lifetime scholarship.